Re-Thinking Cannabis Track & Trace Models

Highly regulated intry our free METRC training here).

The two main reasons for

While the definition of an API may seem complex, at its most basic level, the API is the communication pathway between two (2) systems.

API stands for “Application Programming Interface,” which means that it is a

State regulators intend for the California’s Business and Professions Code.

Instead of directly managing operations within the track-and-trace systems,

Now let’s think about how

Imagine that you are a Dispensary Technician trained on your 91 to 98 percent of the time.

While an API 3 – 8 hours of downtime per week.

More recently, the California serious METRC-sync issues for packages, transfers, and more.

Operators were forced to keep their staff on extensive overtime for more than two weeks in order to manually enter and/or correct information that was entered into the system while sync issues were occurring. As a result, additional costs were incurred that had to be

California, there are currently no METRC for their system’s API availability (not including


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