LA Peyote Kush Cannabis Strain – Details and Review

The LA Peyote Kush strain is a cross between L.A. Kush and Peyote Purple. This hybrid strain is 90% indica.

LA Peyote Kush has a high THC content, with up to 25%, making it a strong breed in it’s own right.

Although LA Peyote Kush is a potent indica strain it produces an uplifting experience creating a positive mood, physically relaxing and mentally creative, while also helping with anxiety, insomnia and depression.

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Growing LA Peyote Kush

This plant can be grown indoors and outdoors. It takes 8 – 9 weeks of flowering before it is ready to harvest. Total growing time from seed to harvest is approximately 12 weeks.

LA Peyote Kush produces average yields with higher than average quality. The scent of mint pervades the grow room with earthy flavors of menthol and pine.

LA Peyote Kush produces green and purple buds towards the end of flowering.

If you are a cannabis connoisseur, you will be impressed with this special, potent strain.

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