Edmonton dog rushed to emergency vet after consuming THC

A woman house-sitting in Edmonton had to rush the homeowner’s dog to an emergency vet after he consumed THC, the compound found in cannabis.

Jessica Serbu noticed the three-year-old golden lab named Puma was behaving oddly an hour and a half after she took him for a walk around the neighbourhood.

“He was flinching if I got too close to him. He was disoriented,” Serbu said.

“He started peeing uncontrollably, and this is very odd behaviour for Puma because he’s a very energetic dog, three-year-old Lab,” Serbu said. “At one point even earlier in the day, he stumbled getting onto the couch, like he missed the couch entirely.”

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Serbu knew something was wrong and rushed him to an emergency vet, but it was no small feat to get him there.

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